Pitfalls When Choosing a Representative

Choosing a Social Security RepresentativePlease be aware that some individuals who hold themselves out to be Social Security Disability representatives are not attorneys.

Please also be aware that many who hold themselves out to represent individuals with Social Security benefits problems are not experienced and only handle Social Security Disability claims as a part of their practice.

Even hiring a firm which exclusively handles Social Security Disability Benefits can be tricky if the firm is based out of the State of Michigan, and cannot tell you who will actually represent you at the time of your hearing. Of course, many of these firms will send an individual to represent you at the last minute and you will only meet your representative on the day of your hearing, often less than 30 minutes before your hearing takes place.  

You should also keep in mind that you have the right to choose your own experienced, reputable attorney who is familiar with the hearing offices and judges who will actually hear your case, such as Sam Silverman.

If you are receiving some type of disability benefit, medical care, or you are affiliated with some type of organization which attempts to direct you to a particular representative, whether that representative is an attorney or non-attorney, you have the right to call our office and compare the services you are offered before taking a chance that you may not be getting the best representation possible.

Regardless of who you consider when hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney in Portage, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, and surrounding areas, you should always compare the services they offer with the services offered by Sam Silverman as outlined on this website.