Judge Identity Disclosure Policy (July 2012)

With regard to the new policy indicating that the Social Security Administration will not reveal who the Administrative Law Judge is that will hear your case until the day of your hearing, I have found that it has not affected my ability to properly represent my clients.  I thoroughly prepare all cases regardless of which Judge will hear a client’s case.  The fact remains that Judges are randomly assigned to hear cases, and nobody has the ability to hand pick the Judge who will hear their case.  Since I have extensive experience with all of the Judges who are located in the hearing offices that I visit on a regular basis, I am able to adjust the presentation of my client’s case to suit whichever Judge who actually hears their case.  Of course, since I thoroughly prepare my clients for their hearings before the day of the actual hearing, and have my clients meet with me early on the day of their hearing, I am able to prepare my clients to testify for any Judge who will hear their case and specifically provide my client with information that applies to the Judge who will actually hear their case before walking into the hearing room.

Though the Social Security Administration continues to adjust its administrative procedures and policies, my experience has helped me adjust quickly and effectively on behalf of my clients on an on-going basis.