60 Minutes Story About Social Security Disability Benefits

I just saw a segment on 60 Minutes which included a Senator (who did not understand the rules involved, in my opinion) and a Social Security judge (who paid a low percent of claims, based on my research) claiming most people don’t deserve the benefits they receive. By the way, does it seem fair for any Social Security judge to have that state of mind? They and some other people (who also seemed to lack insight related to how these matters are really handled) claim that there is fraud in the system. I suspect there may be some. In fact, the story seemed to be directed at a couple law firms who handle cases across the nation, and who were framed as being engaged in unusual practices. I have found that hard work and experience has allowed me to build a solid reputation which has helped me get good results for my clients. I have also found that my clients are honest people who would rather work if they could. It is a matter of concern when anyone tries to group the majority in a negative light.

In the 20 years I have handled these cases I have never seen the system as a welfare system and have always felt that people who are unable to work full-time deserve the benefits they often have to fight to receive. It should be noted that negative comments were made about claimants having Social Security Disability attorneys as well.  I think it if unfair for anyone to act like disabled people don’t have a right to ask for help when needed after paying into the system when they were able to work. Also, it seems mean spirited to have a problem with a claimant getting an attorney in order that their case can be prepared properly. Gather all the facts before letting the media fool you into thinking that Social Security Disability benefits are a form of welfare. If you paid the taxes and you are disabled, you should be treated with some respect.