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Client Testimonials and Reviews

I am very proud to have a reputation for taking excellent care of my clients. I appreciate the fact that my clients have taken the time to post testimonials and reviews outlining how satisfied they have been with my office. Below you will find testimonials and reviews from clients.

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“Sam Silverman is a wonderful attorney and person. When I first approached Sam, he advised me to file the original disability application on my own. His reason? Occasionally, someone is approved on the first try and why should I pay him if I was that lucky one. I was impressed. He didn’t just want my money. Sam also has a very smart, friendly, and professional legal assistant who is just great. After I was denied, I again went to Sam. He took my case, filed all the papers needed and requested all the medical documents to support my case. I didn’t have to do anything. He gave me a projected time line of what would happen and what to expect. At one time, we had a meeting scheduled and there was a major winter storm. Instead of cancelling, Sam called me so that we could discuss my case over the phone. WOW! Everything that Sam projected came true, except nothing took as long as predicted. Bonus! When everything was settled he did not hound me for reimbursement of costs he had paid for medical documentation. I would highly recommend Sam Silverman and his office to anybody and everybody that has a need for top quality legal representation. I cannot praise his office enough!!”

-Trina L. –  Three Rivers

“I hired Sam after I made a big mistake and allowed one of the out of town groups you see on TV help me. I never met these people and let them take over my claim over the phone. I could not get any answers from these people or even figure out if they were lawyers. That all changed when I was referred to Sam by my doctor. Sam was able to answer all my questions, he returned all my calls, and we won my case. I am so glad I hired hin before it was too late.”

-Ryan K. – Portage

“I was denied Social Security Disability Benefits and I contacted the Law Office of Sam Silverman. Through his diligence and professionalism, Mr. Silverman and his staff were able to get my case approved. I could not have done this by myself and other law firms had declined to represent me. I want to thank Mr. Silverman and his staff once again and recommend his office to anyone who has been denied their benefits.”

-Chris L. – Lawrence

“Thanks for being a great lawyer.  I knew you were a great lawyer the first time I met with you.”

-Tom H. – Grand Rapids

“Sam is a great lawyer!  He has the best office staff too.  Friendly, professional, and compassionate.  I highly recommend this office.”

– Karla C. – Kalamazoo

“I would highly recommend the office of Samuel K. Silverman to help anyone with a disability case.  When I first called his office I was treated with respect and a very friendly voice.  The lady who answers his phone lines is very helpful, smart, and professional.  The legal community needs more people like her and Sam.  She promised Sam would call me back the very same day to answer my questions, which he promptly did.  Sam worked hard to win my case.  Sam is a no-nonsense lawyer who makes you feel comfortable talking with him.  I am so very pleased that we won my case.  My family’s life has forever been changed with the help of Sam Silverman’s office.  I only have good things to say about my experience with his office and would recommend his office to anyone.”

-Pat S. – Kalamazoo

“I was represented by Samuel K. Silverman for my disability case.  I was very happy with the results and the amount of time it took to settle my case.  Good job Sam!”

– Robert D. – Kalamazoo

“Sam Silverman is a very good lawyer.  He is the best that I have ever had.  He is a really nice person and was always positive about everything.  I recommend him very highly.  It took him about a year to get my SSD benefits.”

– Paula B. – Kalamazoo

“I really appreciate how Mr. Silverman treated me.  He is very efficient and knows exactly what needs to be done.  His policy of returning all telephone calls the same day made me feel that I was not just another case to him.  His office did a superior job for me.”

-Lynn E. – Portage

“We went to another attorney and were not given much hope or encouragement.  We were then referred to Sam Silverman.  He took my son’s case and indicated a hearing could take up to 18 months.  We were delighted when about 3 months later we received a Fully Favorable Decision for SSI Benefits.  Our case was not only won on Appeal but Sam Silverman over delivered with a speedy decision.  I would not recommend any one else for handling a disability claim.”

-Larry G. – Vicksburg

“Attorney Silverman got my disability very quickly.  At our initial meeting, Attorney Silverman was very kind and informative.  He stated he would bill me separately from my disability settlement for his out of pocket costs, if I won my case.  He accepted the payment from Social Security as full payment after I won my case.”

– Patricia A. – Galesburg

“Samuel fought for my benefits. He is a strong advocate. My wife was skeptical and Samuel won her over with his tireless work ethic. I recommend you do yourself a favor and hire Samuel to represent you.”

-Todd N. – Portage

“I would like to say Sam was fast and efficient. We only met him one time, filled out paperwork and within a month we had my disability approved after being denied the first time. we never even had to have our hearing. Thank you so much!!”

-Scott B. – Kalamazoo

“When I needed Sam to help me with my case, he took action right away and though I was worried, he got results right away as well. I was really nervous about the whole situation and Sam took all the weight off my shoulders and we won my case. I think Sam is the best attorney I have ever dealt with and he would clearly be a great asset to anyone.”

-John Z. – Portage

“Sam is the best attorney I have known. He would clearly be an asset to anyone with a disability claim.”

-Owen A. – Plainwell

“I called on Sam Silverman to assist me with my disability claim. When I first met him he was very reassuring and professional. He explained all my options and laid out a timeline for the entire process. It was a long process for my disability claim and Sam was there every step of the way. He promptly returned my phone calls. Provided me with answers to my questions and never left me in the dark. He is definitely an Attorney who will be there for you, knows the process and will give you nothing less than 100% like he gave me.”

-Lewis S. – Otsego

“I was referred to Mr. Silverman by a close friend. When I first met with him I felt welcomed by the firm and was treated with respect and kindness. Mr. Silverman was always readily prepared and made sure I was adequately aware of the details concerning my case. Although I was not sure about my situation, he was confident which assured me to go on and trust him. I thought my case was impossible but God used Mr. Silverman and ultimately we won my case. So there is no doubt in my mind that I would highly recommend Mr. Silverman. Yes, he’s the one! I applaud him!”

-Janet F. – Kalamazoo

“Mr. Silverman was very organized, returned all my calls, answered all my questions promptly, and was very helpful overall. He is very knowledgable about social security benefits. I would recommend him to all.”

-Lance L. – Lawton

“Sam is by far the best person who I have ever had on my side. He helped me with any problem I had when he was working with me. He was a great asset and I appreciate everything he did. Do yourself a favor and try Sam.”

Kelly P. – Kalamazoo

“I had Mr. Silverman as my attorney. I believe if i did not, I would still be waiting or I would have been denied again. I thank Mr. Siliverman so much. He changed my life so much.”

-Patricia P. – Paw Paw

“Sam has helped me with numerous legal problems. He is obviously a great expert when it comes to Social Security, but that is not all he can do. The guy can flat out help advise you and point you in the right direction with just about anything. And he has a great personality as well. Wow, a lawyer who can make you feel at ease with a personal story or a good joke. And he only gets paid if he wins your social security case. Of course, he has done a lot for me at no charge as well. A great lawyer, and even better guy. Hard not to recommend him.”

-Dennis M. – Otsego

“I am very pleased that I hired Sam. From my first appointment He was on-line and filed my appeal before I left his office. Sam took the time to review the medical records and the Social Security Administration file and he found errors which made my benefits go back further than I had hoped for. I know Sam cares about his clients and our victory proved his skill and dedication.”

-Karla M. – Scotts

“Mr. Silverman is the best attorney I have ever dealt with. He was always available for me and came through in the end.”

-Taylor M. – Plainwell

“Sam helped me with serious issues that I could never handle alone. He is a lot more than just a great social security disability attorney. He looked out for me in many ways. God knows I needed someone like Sam. He is a great attorney and friend. Thank God and Sam.”

-Michael D. – Kalamazoo

“Sam was totally upfront about costs and what he thought our outcome might be. I would recommend him to anyone filing for social security benefits. His office staff was very friendly and competent.”

-Kathy L. – Lawton

“Expressing gratitude and appreciation for Sam’s assistance with resolution of my case. His experience, knowledge and professionalism made the difference in this matter. I will always refer his office to people in need in the future. Once again I appreciate his experience and help with this situation. Best wishes and continued business.”

-Terrance L. – Kalamazoo

“I was informed about Sam, from my nephew. I tried another attorney and was very upset about the way the case was handled. I went to Sam’s office and was treated with respect and understanding. He and his staff answered and advised me about everything that may or may not happen at my hearing. I called Sam’s office often and every time I received an update about my case. I strongly recommend Sam to anyone who is seeking social security disability.”

-Gerry B. – Hopkins

“Mr. Silverman listened to what I had to say, he was very friendly, professional, and well organized (especially on my court date). He was never too busy to call me back and answer my questions. His office staff was also very polite and professional and could answer my questions. Mr. Silverman was not over inflated in his fees as well.”

-Perry S. – Kalamazoo

“When my cardiologist recommended that I shouldn’t return to construction work I decided to look into applying for Social Security Disability benefits. I called a couple law firms that advertise on TV and some local firms. In each case I explained my medical history and they responded similarly,”Our experience can help you every step of the way from applying to appealing.” I then noticed Sam Silverman had a local law firm that specialized in Social Security Disability cases. I called Sam and started going over my medical information, but in a few minutes he stopped me. He went over the technicalities of the application, etc. Then to my surprise Sam says “Tom you have a good case and should submit the application on your own because you will only need my help if you get denied, and 6-8 months down the road you will be calling me back to say Thanks Sam for not taking my money.” His office staff was very professional and encouraged me to call back with any questions at any time. I was approved and I called back to thank them. Everything you read here about Sam and his staff is true. They are considerate, down-to-earth, and talk to you like you are an old friend.”

-Thomas S. – Kalamazoo

“I had issues with a debilitating mental illness for years. I had been denied social security several times, but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t continue to work. On my last denial, I called Sam Silverman, hoping for some assistance. Sam gave so much more than assistance though! He stuck with me through the long appeal process, and treated me with kindness and respect through it all. Sam won my case with hard work and perserverance! Now I can support my son and I, and get the medical help I needed. Thank you and bless you Mr. Silverman.”

-Erin P. – Scotts

“I was in need of an attorney and saw Sam’s ad. His credibility was totally unknown to me, but now I have no doubts any more. He helped get my appeal through and did what he says he does. Don’t call the other Sam, call this Sam right here! Sam and his staff are behind you 100%.”

-Jerry P. – Kalamazoo

“My experience with Sam Silverman and his office was nothing but wonderful! He knows and does his job extremely well. Sam Silverman worked hard for me to get my disability in less than a year. So if you have applied and been denied for social security disability, I would highly recommend Sam Silverman and his office to fight for your right to disability!”

-Desiree M. – Plainwell

“After receiving benefits for 10 months and then being denied, I sought legal counsel and I am glad I did. Sam understood my condition, predicted the necessary actions and time element involved to appeal. Although no promises were made, I knew I was in professional hands. During the hearing much ” social security speak” occurred. A language I do not understand. More to my satisfaction I found Sam knows the language well. I chose great representation, and have Sam and his legal team to thank today for my full disability benefits.”

-JC F. – Sturgis

“I started working when I was 14 years old. I worked hard and supported my family. So after having several health issues pile up on me making it impossible to work and do my job, I was not happy and became depressed. I applied for SSD figuring I had paid into the system for so many years, and that was what it was for. Needless to say, I was turned down. Attorney Samuel K. Silverman had helped a few people I knew, so I knew who to call. He did the job and we went to court and they found in my favor. Thank you Sam Silverman. I now can be a contributing member in the family.”

-Dan S. – Kalamazoo

“Honest, Hard Working, Considerate. If you decide to allow Sam and Kari to help you, no other will do what they do. They changed my life.”

-Tony W. – Richland

“Sam made me feel comfortable and confident with my appeal case. He always returned my calls to put any questions I had to rest, and was reassuring. Sam is an excellent attorney. Not only did he win my case, he also has for other family members that I referred to him. Thank you so much.”

-Michelle N. – Kalamazoo

“Sam was spot-on!!!! He was confident through the whole process, and always professional. ALWAYS returned my phone calls whether he was in the office or driving down the road. After he WON my case. he said, “You call me with any questions.” Good to know I can call him about anything! If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t hesitate to call Sam.”

– Susan F. – Kalamazoo

“Samuel K. Silverman is the best, most thorough, professional and honest attorney I could have ever hoped to retain to assist me in seeking social security disability benefits.

I had suffered from arthritic pain, depression, and anxiety for a long time, but when I fell and smashed my kneecap and tore two tendons in June of 2014, the pain and inability to move accelerated. I was 64, almost 65 at the time.

When I realized it would be impossible for me to go back to work, I went to the social security office in Kalamazoo, MI and they assisted me in applying for social security and disability benefits. They spent 4 1/2 hours with me.

According to their instructions. I gathered all medical documentation, saw one of their disability advisors, was evaluated, by a psychiatrist and basically went through a lot of hoops. The office was encouraging, however, after about three months, I was denied benefits.

I contacted the same social security office and they recommended I appeal, which I did with their help. That took 3 1/2 hours.

They also advised I get an attorney which I did by looking in the yellow pages. That was a huge mistake. I gathered all teh information that attroney wanted and met with him briefly a couple of times, but he never told me anything concrete — just that, “you have a good case.”

After two years of nothing happening, I contacted his office again and he indicated that my hearing date had been set for January 2017. He has NOT contacted me regarding my hearing date at all. I had to contact him. In addition, he said that he had to be gone for about four months due to health issuesand suggested I get another attorney.

By that time, I had done more research and knew that if Sam Silverman would take my case, I would at least have hope. I contacted Sam’s office and Kari, his assistant, said that Sam was in court but would call me back. And he DID the very same day.

When I met with Sam a couple days later, he assured me he would help me as nothing at all had been done by my previous attorney. We filed the paperwork to transfer my case to his office and immediately got to work.

Within a week of first contacting Sam’s office, I had letters from him instructing me to get additional documents from my physicians and my therapist. He laid out exactly the actions that we would take and also revealed what to expect at the hearing. Finally, something was being done. I knew that if anyone could help me get a favorable decision it would be Sam Silverman and his office.

The hearing went well and after about four weeks, I was contacted by Sam and was told I was granted disability benefits. He was bery thorough in explaining the details and timelines involved. He also stated I could contact his office with any questions. Wow! Sam’s service to me has been a godsend.

Samuel K. Silverman alin with his assistant Kari, are solid in their knowledge of the law, the court system, stress than an appeal can generate, and is genuinely an attorney to trust.

In summary, I would not only recommend Sam and his office to anyone seeking social security and/or disability benefits, but I would highly recommend contacting his office. His expertise and work ethic is beyond measure.”

– Susan D. – Kalamazoo

“Attorney Silverman:

I want to express my thank to you once again. I am so grateful to you for all of your hard work, your time, and especially your expertise in that a fully favorable decision was obtained in my social security disability case.

Even with the severe, chronic, persistant pain daily, there is a small mental relief knowing that I’m entitled to monthly disability benefits.

Thanks again,”

-Carol B. – Grand Rapids

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