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What to Expect When You Choose Sam as Your Social Security Disability Attorney

  • You will hear from Sam personally the first day you call his office.
  • If you need more than free advice from Sam, you will be scheduled for an appointment with Sam (within a few days) so Sam can officially take on your case.
  • Sam will personally take immediate action after he meets with you to move your case forward.
  • Sam will build a file of medical evidence on an on-going basis and contact relevant care providers to obtain opinions which will help you win your case.
  • If possible, Sam will win your case without a hearing being necessary.  (Sam tries to win every case as soon as possible).
  • Sam will personally return all of your telephone calls the same day and he will be able to update you regarding your case every time you contact his office.
  • If a hearing is necessary, Sam will personally prepare you thoroughly for your hearing before the day of your hearing.
  • When you attend your hearing, whether in person or by video-monitor, Sam will be very familiar with the Judge who will hear your case and be able to provide you with the best representation possible.
  • After your hearing, Sam will continue to work with you and be available to you until your case is totally concluded and he will continue to be available to you after your file has been closed.

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  • AVVO Superb Rating!

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