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You don’t need an attorney to apply for Social Security Disability and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Benefits. Sam Silverman advises disability claimants to file their initial application by themselves either at the local Social Security Administration or online at SSA.gov. Approximately 1 in 3 claimants win their cases at step 1 of the process, by applying for benefits and cooperating with the local Social Security Administration. So there is no need to incur the expense of an attorney who can do very little for you at the initial application process, other than provide you with advice as needed. Even if Sam Silverman advises you to get denied benefits first before hiring him, he will be happy to return your calls the same day, and answer questions as well as provide free advice until you need to actually hire him.


“When my cardiologist recommended that I shouldn’t return to construction work I decided to look into applying for Social Security Disability benefits. I called a couple law firms that advertise on TV and some local firms. In each case I explained my medical history and they responded similarly,”Our experience and expertise can help you every step of the way from applying to appealing.”I then notice that Sam Silverman had a local law firm that specialized in Social Security Disability cases. I called Sam and started going over my medical information, but a few minutes in he stopped me. He went over the technicalities of the application, etc. Then to my surprise Sam says “Tom, you have a good case and you should submit the application on your own because you will only need my help if you get denied, and 6-8 months down the road you will be calling me back to say Thanks Sam for not taking my money.” His office staff was very professional and encouraged me to call back with any questions at any time. I was approved and I called back to thank them. Everything that you read here about Sam and his staff is true. They are considerate, down-to-earth, and talk to you like you are an old friend.”

-Thomas S. – Kalamazoo


Of course, if you get denied Social Security Disability and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Benefits, you should call Sam Silverman right away.

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