When Picking a Social Security Disability Attorney in Kalamazoo

The internet has become a major tool for finding someone to handle a Social Security Disability claim. Use it to check on complaints posted about groups who advertise. I have noticed a lot of complaints posted about nationwide firms who advertise that they can help. Seems like a red flag. I know from experience that I get a lot of calls from claimants who want me to take over because of problems they have with some firms.

Most say they don’t get calls returned, and/or don’t  know who is actually going to be at their hearing. I also know that it is clear claimants meet an employee of these firms (whether and attorney or not) for the 1st time at their hearing.

Here is a true story. I was waiting for a hearing to start with my client. We had prepared at my office  a couple days before the hearing. Our medical evidence was up to date and we had filed opinions from my client’s doctors confirming why my client could not work. We were both ready and I expected to win, which we did. We were supposed to start our hearing at 11am and we were sitting there at 10:30am and I was still making sure my client had no concerns.

The hearing that was supposed to start at 10 a.m. had not started because the representative from a national firm was 1/2 hour late. Anyway, the guy walked in finally about 10:40 a.m. and he had the security guard point out his nervous client. The guy was told his hearing would start in five minutes by the person who works with the judge and recorded the testimony. I watched as the representative said to his client he just met “We don’t have time to go over your case, so I have two things to tell you. First, tell the truth; and second, don’t tell the judge you can climb a mountain.”

Review my website regarding what to expect if I handle your case and think about this story, which is true. Also, google complaints about the any firm from out of town you find on the internet. Of course, do the same if you see an ad on TV.